What is AlmaWeb?

The Campus Management System of Leipzig University is called AlmaWeb.

It has been installed to support and modernise organising both studies and teaching in technical as well as structural terms. This reform is grounded in the establishment of centralised coordinators and study offices at faculty level. Fundamentally, we seek to do justice to increased expectations and quality at university level. Furthermore, we attempt to professionally support quality assurance in an integrated way.


Informational meeting at the beginning of the semester

Information on registering for modules and on using AlmaWeb, for all students of the faculty, October 2nd, 3-4pm, Hörsaal/lecture hall 3, Campus

Guided registration for modules in Tool and AlmaWeb

For all humanities, arts, and social sciences students, October 4th, 8:30am - 3pm + October 5th, 9am - 3 pm, Seminargebäude, PC-Pool S-01, basement

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Courses: Sigining Up and Withdrawing in Winter Semester 2017/18

You can find a guide on how to register here.

Most B.A. and teacher's courses can be registered for on Tool:


Except for:
- B.A. Art Education

- B.A. Egyptology

Your Tool registration data will be shown on Alma-Web after registration has closed (from  October 16th, October 30th for History). From then on, you may access your modules via AlmaWeb and create your timetable.

M.A. courses can mainly be registered for on AlmaWeb, except for History courses (Tool) as well as Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Study of Religions which have to be registered for manually.

If you wish to withdraw from any module after the deadline, please use this form.


Withdrawing from Modules (until January 6, 2018, 11:59pm)

Until all data has been transferred you can withdraw independently from your chice via "my bookings".

Withdrawing on AlmaWeb (see also AlmaWeb guide); Classes > my classes (you will find your modules on the bottom of the page).



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Retaking exams

In order to register for resitting examinations you do not have to register again for the entire module.


Please give notice to the respective examination's admin via email. They will modify your AlmaWeb status. As soon as you are registered for the exam you will be able to access your status on AlmaWeb via "exams".

Do also inform your teacher or person in charge of the module.

You can find anythign relevant on managing exams via AlmaWeb and Tool in this summary (German).



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AlmaWeb for Students

How can I actually use AlmaWeb?

  • apply online
  • re-register for the next term online
  • administer studet's data and documents
  • register for courses and modules online
  • access a list of your academic achievements
  • teachers may send news via AlmaWeb



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last modified: 17.03.2020